Ayah Pin, the most Honourable Man.He brings peace and love to us in the world. Teach us about human rights and respects to religions of the world. Before he left in missing, he said to us; "LIVE IN PEACE, NO FIGHT, LET THEM DEMOLISH OR TEAR DOWN OUR PLACE, THEY WILL SEE THEIR OWN CRUELTY WHEN TIME COMES". I have missed him.I know DISASTERS are so close to hit Malaysia for their sins. "JEREBU" is just a STARTER, don't panic..., as more attacks will come..when you never realise..it happens!!

Location: Terengganu, Malaysia

We are the supporters and friends to Ayah Pin. We respect his ideology to educate moslems people in Malaysia and the world. To teach Moslems to respect the people's right and not to take the law into their own hands like Talibans..We hate Talibans and the people who supporting them....

Thursday, August 25, 2005



The profile is written to describe the holistic view of Ayah Pin’s ideology as a new founder for the God’s Covenant, which is, believe to be an important value of universal unity among all religions. It has brought many races together, living in peace and harmony in one village in the middle of the Islamic state of Malaysia.

Living there for several weeks has given me the insights of the true teachings, which has humanitarian values and equality in religious practice of each individual.
I had discovered an answer of many mysterious phenomenons, which many people may not aware of, and very important is the discovery of the Judgment Day and the God’s Covenant that many people has been awaiting for.


The objective of this profile is to highlight the freedom of religions and human rights of the world that believe in the existence of God.

The profile is written to seek support from all races to help preserve the holy land of Kampung Batu 13, Jerteh , Terengganu , Malaysia.



Ariffin Muhammad or more fondly known as Ayah Pin has several meanings of names; “Arif” is referring to Supreme, Intelligent or Equality and “Ayah” gives meaning of The Father , The leader. Ayah Pin who is the self-styled spiritual leader known to thousands of followers in Malaysia and internationally, has received revelations when he was a little boy.
Ayah Pin’s ideology has 80% contents on spiritual matter.
At age of 7 and 10, the holy angel, Gabriel, had visited him several times. However, he only took the task seriously when he was married at age 14 years old.
Ayah Pin has been brought up in the native village and never learns in school. He earns his living by collecting woods from the mountains nearby his house. At his very young age, his has gone for meditation at the nearby mountains for several days and weeks and came back to his house with several woods collection.
Ayah Pin received continuous revelation at age of 16 years old and it has given him an impact to his life.
Ayah Pin started his soul practices with chanting and praying. He follows several friends including Tok Ayah Hassan (one of the deviants leader) to meditate in many caves and mountains. During his exploration to discover the beauty of Islamic rituals, he has received continuous visions and revelations. "When I was 10 years old, I found myself to be dead for 40 days and was sent to the sky world. Since then, it's a long story and the details don't matter, but I've been dead 17 times and each time have come back to save the lives of all people, of any religion," says Ayah Pin – reported by the StarOnline.

When he was at age of 25 years old, he found himself having 70% soul travels in a day. He earns minimum of 20 visions a day. It was said that, during his journey exploring the other world, he had discovered the God’s covenant of the humanitarian laws and judgmental processes. Most of his journeys have exposed him to the mystical places and legendaries people of the world.
Sometimes he ate less than a bowl of rice in a month and fasting in most of the days. He had been exploring into different world dimension and learnt different concept of human living and human right’s laws in religions.
Ayah Pin has neither “religious look” nor wearing “religious attire”. His outlook is fit, simple and yet mysterious. It is quite difficult to predict his behavior as he has good psychological observation towards people’s behavior and reaction.

His language is very difficult to understand as that proofed he has never learnt in school. Not many people could easily receive his teachings as he speaks only one language of his own traditional dialect.
While he is very unusual and unpredictable man, he could still attract many visitors of different races and cultures to seek for his advise and to listen to his talks.Ayah Pin is considered a very talented self-styled spiritual leader who has idealistic concept of unity and equality in all religions. He has been brave to stand out in the middle of the Islamic crowd and hold his new ideology of many paths one god, many names one God and one sky kingdom for all religions.

Kampung Batu 13 lies in a remote corner of Terengganu that borders Kelantan, and a bus ride to Kota Bharu takes less than 90 minutes from the nearest town of Jerteh, about 20km from the village.
The village has about 30 houses built by the followers who are living on the 6-acre land. The landowner is Che Minah, Ayah Pin’s wife who is now 64 years old.

The land status was an agriculture land, which was previously covered with bushes and rubber trees plantation 10 years ago. Some of the land area was cleared in 1997 where the villagers decided to build some houses for living. The first structure built was a small well used to supply clean water for the villagers.

In this village lies the earthly ‘Spiritual Headquarters’ of Ariffin Muhammad. The village itself is supposed to be a replica of what people calls the Sky Kingdom (the heavenly abode). The followers’ claims that the blueprint for the buildings came from the Sky Kingdom. It is aimed at promoting universal unity. The teapot signifies the purity of water and its medicinal values. It is associated with all major religions, Nearby is the Umbrella, a tall orange structure adorned with a bright yellow canopy.

The giant structures are linked by walkways of polished tiles, interspersed with Roman pillars, balustrades, wood and plaster carving lining the twists and turns of the path leading from one to another.
To many Ayah Pin’s saintly claims and his strange structures may border an absurdity but to his band of followers, he is nothing short of divine miracle.
The umbrella is a place for people to take shelter beneath God and it can also be associated with the nine planets in Hinduism.
Refer to diagrams of holy structures meanings.


Ayah Pin has about 10,000 followers in Malaysia and 3000 followers internationally.
Among all, in average of 1000 followers will be coming every weekend for group gathering at the village. Among Ayah Pin’s strong influences are the universal unity of the different religions and his superb spiritual knowledge on spiritual laws and the Kingdom of God.

The uniqueness has brought many people together to love each other, living in peace, communicating the same language of Beliefs and God’s Kingdom. Teach the people to view things in broader scope. No more fanatic human behaviors such as envy of other religion, fight to convert people or proud of own religion.

From my observation, the followers are mostly among the professionals, arts background and people with some religious foundation. Many of them can be considered as people with open paradigm who can accept new ideology and perception towards spiritual beliefs.
The group has no fanatic value towards religion and willing to tolerate to discover more about what they have embraced in. They are open to find more similarities in major world religions than differences. They have learnt to discover about different way of praising God and different ritual practices in search of God.

The best scenario to describe the openness of the group is when four of the group members had declared apostasy. It has given Malaysian a deep thought of Freedom in Religion the government has never dealt before.
Two of them were the religious teachers who have tertiary education in Islamic teachings from University of Al-Azhar, Messier.
This was very chaotic to know how the religious teacher could renounce Islam while still be living in the middle of Islamic state and had been jailed for their declaration.
The four made headlines in the late 1990s when they renounced Islam through a statutory declaration. They finished serving between two and three years imprisonment in late 2002 for contempt of court. Lawyers for the four members who lost their appeal in the Federal Court are studying the possibility of filing for a review of the decision. According to Haris (the lawyer), they were disappointed after having waited so long for the decision. “It is shocking that the court has failed to clarify the law on renunciation of religion ... the law remains uncertain as it stands. In light of this, we will have to file other cases which are awaiting similar judicial direction,” he said. In this landmark case, the appellants had sought the Federal Court to consider if an adult Muslim is entitled to renounce Islam under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion to every citizen. The court was also asked to declare void any restrictive law or one that fettered the right of an adult Muslim to renounce Islam.
As conclusion in Malaysia, anyone trying to leave Islam faces loss of inheritance, family support and work, and banishment to a legal limbo where the religious label on one's identity card becomes a life-defining fact.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Injustices in Malaysia should be addressed today!!

Some people may consider the statues or holy structures as a work of art but some Talibans found it very offensive.

The action by our Malaysia authorities with regard to the Sky Kingdom commune however, is downright arrogant and draconian and a blatant violation of basic human rights. The world will remember the Taliban for this action of theirs. History has already recorded their action, and the sin committed against humanity.
The people in Terengganu who initiated this destruction of Sky Kingdom have showed to the world how insecure they are. The empty Sky Kingdom commune in Besut will be a reminder to us in Malaysia - and possibly to other countries - of the primitive state of mind amidst us. It is a crying shame that some can be threatened by a few concrete structures.

They may have destroyed the giant replicas of a teapot, umbrella and various other marble-and-concrete structures which were merely that - structures. But to the world, they have created an incident that's comparable to the one involving the Talilban . If beliefs are that strong, they should not be threatened by structures erected by those of other beliefs. Let the injustices in Malaysia be addressed today!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Religion made to control man

OU, Malaysia Kini
Aug 19, 05 12:43pm

I wish to comment on the letter Punishing apostasy not arbitrary interpretation.
God did not create religion. Man did.

The reason why there are so many religions is because each of us are at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. The various religions are necessary because there are people who need what these religions teach. I am sure Ayah Pin understood this concept very clearly.

Religions are man-made to control man. Man does not need religion if he could turn within himself. If I were God, the Almighty, why would I need man to convince humankind that I exist? Every religion has its own explanation. I believe there is a Creator who gave us intelligence. Use it with logic to seek the truth and not be blinded by faith and emotion.

God made many different kinds of people, why would he allow only one way to serve him? Ayah Pin could certainly agree with that.
Here are some quotations to ponder:
Joseph Fort Newton – ‘Belief is truth held in the mind; faith is a fire in the heart.’
Steven Weinberg - ‘With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.’ Blaise Pascal - ‘Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.’

Sky Kingdom leveling an act of lawlessness
Jane AbdullahAug 2, 05 12:49pm

With regards to the destruction of the Sky Kingdom commune in Besut, it is simply amazing that the state authorities and police have decided to take the law into their own hands by trespassing and destroying the artifacts on the piece of land belonging to a private individual, Che Minah Remeli. This was done in complete disregard of the legal process.

It is an act of contempt and must be punished by law and in civil damages. These artifacts cannot be replaced. It may be presumed that the authorities responsible know full well that any court action in the future would only be realised in the form of damages to property and not rebuilding. It is a callous act, condoned by the authorities.
I am also surprised that Suhakam has refused to visit the site. Perhaps the commissioners know something we don't?
The menteri besar of Terengganu should be vicariously liable for these acts of lawlessness. The police are misbehaving as usual despite all the hullabaloo following the report of the police royal commission

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Islam is Deen- nil-lah

“They have taken their priests and the scholars as Lords besides God” (9:31)

Inilah apa yang berlaku diakhir zaman, bila pengganas, mufti, ulamak, paderi dan majlis agama menjadi Tuhan dengan meletak hukum bunuh, penjara , murtad dan kafir pada manusia yang dibenci mereka.

Those who disbelieve among the followers of the previous Scriptures and the idol-worshippers will never believe even after proof comes to them”. (98:1)

Telah Tuhan jadikan manusia yang tidak “akan” percaya walau setelah “bukti-bukti” datang pada mereka. Keganasan Islam dan bencana alam tidak dapat mengubah mata hati manusia untuk merenung dan berfikir tentang Agama dan Petunjuk dan perbezaan antara keduanya.

“The Quran is full of wisdom. You are one of the messengers, advocating the right path. A revelation from the Almighty, most merciful. To warn people whose forefathers were never warned, they are unaware. It is predetermined that the majority will Not believe. Consequently, We chain their necks to their chins and thus are forced into the directions they chose. And We place a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them, so they can never see “ (36:2-9)

Telah Tuhan jadikan manusia majoritinya tidak akan mengikut jalan yang Tuhan sediakan malahan menjadi “yakin”dengan jalan yang “gelap” didepan mereka.

“Have you noticed those who claim for themselves to be pure? God is the only one who purifies whomever He wills without injustice. Look how they invent lies to attribute to God.” (4:49-50).

Apabila kisah Ayah Pin keluar dimuka depan akhbar, ramailah yang tampil kedepan seperti lagak ulamak yang hatinya “suci” dan membahaskan kesesatan Ayah Pin, lalu datanglah beramai-ramai manusia meletak hukum keatas Ayah Pin dan sahabatnya.

Ramai yang mengambil kesempatan mengutuk beliau di internet, TV dan akhbar. Malah salinan VCD dijual dengan tamak haloba sekali dikalangan orang “islam” melayu. Dijual didepan masjid dengan bangga sekali umpama mempotraitkan masjid sebagai tempat beli VCD haram? Demikianlah terserlahnya, agama kalian ?

Perbuatan mengutuk, menindas, memeras ugut, mencetak rompak bukanlah lambang Islam. Jadi lambang apakah yang kalian “bawa”?

“Say!: O you disbelievers, I do not serve what you serve, nor are you serving what I am serving. I will never serve what you are serving, nor will you ever serve what I am serving. To you is your own way and to me is my own way.” (surah 109)

Sudah terserlah ayat Quran diatas dan acapkali kami katakan kepada manusia, kenapa masih ada manusia yang “marah” dengan apa yang kami percaya?

Adakah ayat diatas tidak memberi apa-apa makna kepada kalian semua? Apakah Tuhan kalian lemah dan menyuruh kalian mengambil tindakan undang-undang sendiri walau tidak termaktub dalam Quran, tetapi masih boleh di gubal dan disolek dalam Undang-undang agama sendiri?

Apakah kalian tidak pernah terfikir untuk memberi “hak asasi” kepada manusia yang ingin mempercayai apa yang mereka ingin percaya? Apakah yang kalian khuatiri? Khuatir agama Islam akan hilang dari pegangan orang melayu?

Andai Tuhan itu berkuasa, biarkan Tuhan yang menentukan penghujungnya. Janganlah kalian khuatir kerana khuatir itu perangai iblis.

“If you follow the majority of the people on earth, they will divert you from the path of God. They follow only conjecture and they only guess” (6:116)

Terang sekali ayat diatas. Mungkin kalian sudah lupa? Aku tidak mengeluarkan ayat ini dan nyata sekali apa yang kami percaya merupakan pegangan minoriti dan bukan pegangan majority. Maka, jangan menindas kami dengan “sesat” andai kalian tidak pasti.

Jangan memaksa kami menyembah apa yang kamu sembah lebih-lebih lagi bila kalian tidak pasti siapa yang kalian “sembah”.

Kami sangat mencintai “PEACE” dan kedamaian dalam kepercayaan.

Ayah Pin, Kehadiranmu Menggegar Dunia

Ayah Pin, suatu nama yang tidak asing lagi didunia dan Malaysia secara khususnya.
Mungkin kami tidak pernah termimpi untuk dikenali sehingga sebegini hebat berbanding ajaran-ajaran “sesat” yang lain. Mungkin kami tidak pernah merancang kesalahan-kesalahan yang bakal Malaysia lakukan dimata dunia, dan kami tidak pernah berniat untuk mempromosikan CD dan ajaran Ayah Pin dikalangan penduduk Melayu dan bangsa asing…Tetapi hari ini, Tuhan telah membuktikan kepada kami, manusia yang tidak kami kenali akan menjadikan Ayah Pin mahsyur di mata dunia dan Amerika, malah Malaysia sendiri pun tidak mampu membendung berita ini hingga sampai ke President Bush.

Kebenaran tentang kezaliman agama islam menyerlah dan tiada alasan untuk Malaysia berkata kepada dunia bahawasanya orang Islam sangat bertoleransi , memahami kepercayaan lain dan menghormati hak asasi manusia. Kes Ayah Pin telah membuktikan kepalsuan dan pencerobohan hak asasi manusia. Kenapa orang islam perlu berasa “marah” dengan Ayah Pin? Bukankah "marah" itu perangai "iblis"?

Terus terang Ayah Pin tidak membawa lambang Islam, tidak mengajar islam, tidak menyuruh tinggal agama islam dan tidak menghina Islam.
Tetapi yang jelas , beliau tidak memiliki mana-mana agama dan memasuki mana-mana agama. Adakah Islam diatas kad pengenalan telah membuktikan keislaman kami? Itu namanya Islam “terpaksa” kerana kami adalah melayu. Islam yang sebenar perlu dianuti dan di“sah”kan disisi Tuhan. Jika kami inginkan Islam, kami akan mengadap Tuhan dan tidak memerlukan Majlis Agama Islam untuk menjadi SAKSI.

Wahai majlis agama islam, jangan kata kami menghina islam jika 3,000 orang diantara kami yang akan menfailkan kertas “keluar islam - keluar dari islam yang dianuti oleh orang Melayu” sampai ke meja anda tidak lama lagi.
Adakah kalian akan datang menangkap kami , menghukum dan menghalau kami seperti ramai yang telah alami disini? Dan memaksa kami memasuki islam kalian?

Adakah Malaysia akan mencipta sejarah dimata dunia? 3,000 penganut Islam keluar Islam beramai-ramai? Kalau seorang dua yang akan keluar Islam mungkin tidak goyang Malaysia untuk menghukum, tetapi kalau 3000 orang? Adakah mimpi ini akan menjadi kenyataan?

Kami punya hak untuk mempercayai sesuatu yang tidak dapat diterima oleh orang islam. Jangan memaksa kami memilih agama yang telah kami tinggalkan. Kembalikan TANAH dan HARTA BENDA KAMI…..WAHAI Pencuri yang beragama Islam!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kebenaran Yang Dibawa Ayah


Aku ingin menyampaikan sebuah kisah benar yang aku pasti kalian akan bacainya sehingga tamat kandungan mesej ini.

Aku dan teman-temanku tidak diberi peluang untuk kami mengumumkan kepada kalian tentang ajaran Ayah Pin yang suci. Tidak ada peluang untuk kami ceritakan malah “statement” kami pun tidak ditayang di TV.
Kami juga tidak diberi peluang untuk berdialog secara aman dengan mereka yang “berkuasa” sebaliknya kami ditindas secara kekerasan oleh Majlis Agama Islam Malaysia yang diketuai oleh Abdullah Md Zin. Mereka bukan saja menindas kami seperti ganasnya kumpulan taliban malah langsung tidak mencerminkan watak Islam di Malaysia.

Buat Kalian Semua,

Ayah Pin yang aku kenali merupakan seorang lelaki misteri yang tidak bisa dimengertikan dari soal perwatakan dan keilmuan yang dimilikinya.
Ayah Pin yang aku kenali selama 9 tahun lamanya sentiasa menjadi suatu ingatan yang tersangat berharga dalam hidupku dengan apa yang aku miliki dari kebaikan hatinya yang berkorban diri menegakkan satu landasan baru untuk manusia renungi.
Ayah Pin yang aku kenali secara zahir tersangat berbeza dari segala perguruan dan keilmuan yang ada di atas cakerawala ini.
Dan Ayah Pin yang aku kenali secara ghaib juga telah menyingkap satu sejarah moden yang pasti mengelirukan manusia yang tidak bisa sampai akal fikir untuk menyaksi dan mengetahui rahsia alam.

Apa pun tohmahan, fitnah dan fatwa yang telah diisyhtiharkan keatas beliau, aku pasti mereka ini tidak punya petunjuk walau dalam satu mimpi yang bisa menyingkap sinar cahaya hati untuk cuba mengupas apa yang Ayah Pin miliki dan war-warkan.

Aku punya alasan yang kukuh untuk aku beritakan kepada manusia agar manusia tidak dalam kerugian yang nyata kecuali mereka yang beriman dan yang beramal soleh.
Aku juga punya hak untuk bersuara secara bebas untuk aku khabarkan kepada dunia akan wujudnya seorang manusia yang sangat sempurna dan perlu diberi perlindungan yang secukupnya agar apa yang cuba diberitakan kepada kita bisa menjadi suatu pedoman dunia akhir zaman. Aku juga punya kebebasan untuk berfikir dan mempercayai sesuatu yang wujud dalam hati sanubariku dan aku punya hak untuk menyebarkan ilmu ini sebagaimana hak pejuang-pejuang agama tedahulu miliki.

Justeru itu, aku mengambil kesempatan ini untuk sampaikan kepada manusia tentang ilmu ghaib dan kerajaan langit yang tidak bisa dikupas oleh manusia biasa akhir zaman.
Dialah Ayah Pin, seorang yang sederhana berwatakan kampung, tidak memiliki harta, tidak memiliki rumah , cuma mempunyai empat isteri yang setia.

Dalam hidup ini, aku sedang mencipta sejarah bagi diriku samada secara disedari ataupun tidak. Itulah yang Ayah Pin acapkali katakan tentang sejarah diri yang perlu kami hadirkan dan tidak hanya berpegang cerita kepada sejarah orang lain termasuk sejarah kitab-kitab samada ianya Al-Quran, Bible atau RigVeda.

Sejarah kitab sudah lama berlalu dan ianya tidak ditulis dan dirakam ketika itu, tetapi ia wujud 100 tahun kemudian atau berabad kemudian dan sejarah itu pun dibukukan. Begitu juga sejarah Ayah Pin, ia mungkin tidak dirakamkan oleh mana-mana pengikutnya, tetapi aku cuba engkar, tidak akan mengulangi sejarah lama supaya cerita yang sebenar bisa terus sampai ke telinga pendengar di waktu ini , ketika beliau masih bernafas di muka bumi.

Aku bukan seorang yang taksub, juga bukan seorang fanatik akan ajarannya. Aku punya tanggungjawab untuk bangun dan bersuara bagi pihak minoriti di bumi Malaysia yang mempunyai kepercayaan yang tidak diketahui umum.


Aku cuma manusia biasa yang penah belajar agama Islam sejak kecil malah kedua ibu-bapaku juga seorang pengikut ABIM dan Tabligh dan Arqam dan berbagai lagi. Aku tidak pernah mendengar radio dan muzik sejak aku kecil hingga bersekolah rendah. Radio dan TV telah diharamkan dirumahku oleh ayah , seorang alim ulamak yang disegani dikawasan itu. Aku seorang yang cukup sempurna dengan didikan Islam malah bersekolah asrama penuh dengan pelbagai sembahyang yang perlu dibuat sejak awal subuh hingga tengah malam.

Aku juga tidak pernah tinggal puasa walau sehari sejak dari umur 4 tahun lagi dan mengikuti urusan dakwah Islamiah sejak di bangku sekolah lagi. Aku seorang yang sangat mengetahui kelemahan ajaran Islam yang di ajar oleh tok imam di masjid dan guru-guru agama hinggakan aku digelar “tok guru” dikalangan teman-temanku kerana memiliki keistimewaan menterjemah dan mengupas Al-Quran.

Aku punya pemikiran yang luas dan terperinci dalam soal hati dan kepercayaan. Aku tidak mengikut apa yang diikuti manusia lain tanpa mengetahui tujuan dan maksud agama itu sendiri. Aku sudah besar untuk mencari bukti kenapa aku perlu menjadi Islam dan tidak agama lain. Aku juga sudah besar untuk mendapat kebebasan mencari ilmu walau ke negeri China. Aku mencari dan mencari di segenap pelusuk bumi dengan adanya alat internet yang canggih, aku bisa mendalami pelbagai ilmu yang ada diatas bumi ini.

Aku mendalami riwayat Syeikh Abdul Qadir Jailan dan Rabiatul Adawiyah. Aku mencungkil kesedaran cakra diri semasa aku di Monastry Nanasampanno dan aku mendalami sejarah Sai Baba, Buddha, Siva dari keluarga ku yang beragama Hindu di Bali. Aku juga tidak lepas mengikuti ajaran “many paths one God” dari Eckankar dan aku menghormati cara bermeditasi dan “self consciousness” Dalai Lama yang aku perolehi dari sahabat ku yang berbangsa cina. Aku juga mencampuri pelbagai tarikat seperti Nasybandiah, Ahmadiah dan pelbagai lagi untuk aku tahu dimana persamaan dan kebenaran ilmu hakiki.

Aku tidak gentar untuk mendalami ilmu agar aku punya alasan yang kukuh untuk aku katakan kepada Tuhan bahawasanya aku sudah sampai kesegenap pelusuk dunia mencariMu Tuhan….dan inilah keputusan ku…

Aku tidak mahu ketinggalan dan hidup dalam kerugian seperti kalian semua. Aku tidak mahu berpegang kepada ajaran nenek moyang yang sudah 1500 tahun berlalu tanpa aku menyaksikan kebenarannya. Aku juga tidak mahu mengikut dan beramal tanpa aku mengetahui dunia disebalik mata, dunia ghaib yang perlu menjadi tunjang rukun iman. Aku perlu mencari jawapan yang pasti bagi semua persoalan ini. Tidak salah untuk aku berguru, tidak salah untuk aku mempercayai apa yang aku percaya dan tidak menyembah apa yang kamu sembah.

Aku punya hak asasi untuk melakukan ini semua terutama dizaman moden yang serba canggih. Andai kebebasan ini tidak ada, sudah terbukti negara ini sudah termasuk didalam negara zaman jahiliah, dan tidak ubah seperti zaman firaun dan zaman namrud yang menyekat kebebasan beragama dan kepercayaan melainkan dibenarkan berpegang kepada ajaran nenek moyang yang telah lama terpesong dari jalan yang sebenar.


Aku disini bukan untuk menyoal jalan siapa yang sesat dan terpesong. Tetapi aku disini untuk mengkhabarkan sejarah yang baru bermula.

Aku tidak akan berdebat ilmu yang kamu hafal dan baca dari kitab-kitab. Tetapi aku akan bongkarkan ilmu ghaib yang kamu tidak bisa melihat dan merasa. Aku sangat yakin, umat Islam diseluruh dunia sudah kehilangan 80% kekuatan ghaib yang menjadi pedoman hidup. Aku juga yakin umat Islam sudah kehilangan watak Islam sebenar walau punya ijazah Al-Azhar setinggi gunung. Aku sangat yakin umat Islam beramal dan bersembahyang kerana sudah menjadi Budaya dan Tradisi dan bukan amalan sebenar.

Maka itu, aku ingin khabarkan berita gembira dan berita takut untuk kamu dengar pada hari ini. Tahukah kamu, apa itu Rijallulghaib ? Tahukah kamu tentang kerajaan langit? Tahukah kamu siapa Tuhanmu?
Ada yang berkata, “cukuplah untuk kami bernaung dibawah kerajaan bumi” seperti skrip yang disebut dalam NTV7 edisi siasat. Tahukah kamu beriman kepada yang ghaib itu adalah rukun iman?
Sungguh bahalul skrip yang dilafazkan itu seolah-olah ghaib ini tidak penting maka tidak Islamlah kalian semua jika tidak percaya benda yang ghaib. Bukankah Quran itu ghaib, rasul itu ghaib, malaikat itu ghaib dan Tuhan itu ghaib?

Kerajaan bumi adalah cermin kerajaan langit. Apa yang dimiliki oleh orang bumi adalah ilham dari orang langit.Andai bumi punya satelit, langit juga punya satelit yang jauh lebih canggih dari bumi. Andai bumi punya komputer, langit juga punya alatan rakaman dan alat tulis yang lebih sofistikated.
Pernahkah manusia berfikir? Atau manusia fikirkan kepandaian mereka adalah ilham sendiri dan ciptaan sendiri?

Bagaimana Tuhan menghantar petunjuk kepada manusia untuk memudahkan Dia menjatuhkan hukuman dengan segera? Bisakah Dia menurunkan orang langit untuk menguji kita semua? Adakah Tuhan tidak mampu melakukan sedemikian?
Kalau Dia mahu diriNya menjadi penguji manusia, mampukah Dia mewujudkan diriNya menjadi manusia?

Kedengaran suara sumbang yang mengatakan, “Tuhan tidak mungkin menyerupai manusia untuk menguji manusia”, maka mungkinkah Tuhan bisa turun ke bumi dengan kebesaranNya dan DaulatNya? Ada yang berkata, “ Ya, Tuhan akan turun dengan Kebesaran dan DaulatNya bersama tanda-tanda dilangit dan di bumi”. Jika begitu besar Daulat dan KebesaranNya, bukankah mudah untuk manusia mengikutiNya? Bukankah mudah manusia mempercayaiNya? Dan bukankah mudah bagi manusia masuk ke syurgaNya?
Andainya begitu mudah untuk mengenali Tuhan dan Kerajaan langit, apakah tujuannya Dia mengurniakan kita akal fikir dan mencipta syurga dan neraka?

Tuhan itu Maha Adil. Di akhir zaman, cuma ada dua perkara yang boleh dipegang manusia untuk selamat dunia akhirat. Pertama, petunjuk dari Tuhan yang Esa dan kedua, ilmu hakiki yang tidak mampu dikupas oleh akal fikir manusia.
Itu senjata Tuhan. Andai manusia punya kelebihan untuk mengetahui rahsia sekelian alam ghaib dan kerajaanNya , nescaya hilang Daulat dan Kebesaran Tuhan yang memegang rahsia ciptaanNya sendiri.

Dapatkah kamu fikir bagaimana seseorang itu adalah lantikan Tuhan? Dari wataknya yang alim atau kebijaksanaannya atau kekayaannya atau pengakuannya atau keramatnya atau ilmunya?
Bagaimana manusia biasa dapat menyingkap rahsia darjat dan makam dengan terperinci sekali? Mampukah manusia yang tiada lantikan dan mohor Tuhan bisa membawa berita perihal tugas-tugasan kerajaan langit? Bisakah manusia biasa dapat mengetahui tempat-tempat turunnya ayat-ayat Tuhan , tafsiran ayat tersebut dan sejarahnya yang berkaitan dari sebelum adanya dunia sehingga akhir zaman?

Bagaimana manusia biasa ini dapat mereka-reka cerita karut sebegini dengan begitu telus dan halus sekali? Bagaimana manusia biasa ini dapat menerima wahyu dan menerokai alam ghaib dengan begitu kerap sekali? Bagaimana manusia yang tidak bersekolah begitu mahir dalam soal undang-undang Tuhan dan hak asasi kemanusiaan?

Sehinggakan pengikutnya tidak langsung bersifat ganas, taliban dan militant seperti yang diduga oleh ramai rakyat Malaysia? Sehinggakan pengikutnya amat tenang dalam menerima ujian dan pencerobohan hak asasi mereka? Sehinggakan pengikutnya sangat bersabar dan tiada rasa amarah dalam diri ? Malah telah membuktikan kepada dunia bahawasanya pengikut Ayah Pin adalah Islam yang sebenar, mengampuni kesalahan manusia yang menzalimi mereka dengan tiada dendam dihati. Itulah yang Ayah Pin semaikan di jiwa kami dan itulah ajaran yang dibawanya selama ini.

Mampukah kalian berdiam diri dan mengampuni kezaliman orang lain andainya masjid kalian dibakar, andainya gereja diroboh dan andainya kuil dibinasa? Adakah diantara kalian yang mampu melihat pencerobohan berlaku di tempat suci dengan senyuman dibibir?
Dapatkah dunia sekarang mampu menjadi seperti pengikut Ayah Pin ketika tempat suci diroboh, anak-anak kecil disumbat ke penjara bersama ibu-ibu dan tanah milik sendiri dirampas orang? Mampukah kalian tidak mengganas dan mengampuni kezaliman manusia dengan tidak berbalas dendam?

Jika tidak mampu berbuat demikian, nescaya kalianlah antara manusia yang menzalimi diri sendiri dan tidak mahu berubah untuk mencari sinar didalam jiwa yang kegelapan.

Andai Tuhan ingin menguji manusia diakhir zaman , Dia sendiri yang akan menjelma turun kedunia ketika hati manusia dipenuhi hasad dengki, khianat dan sudah berpaling dari Dia yang satu. Ketika itu, manusia yang tiada petunjuk adalah mereka dari kalangan alim ulamak yang bertopengkan ajaran nenek moyang yang dianggap benar dimata manusia jahil. Maka , disitulah terletak neraka dan syurga Tuhan untuk menempatkan manusia yang engkar dan manusia yang benar.

Keputusan itu ditangan manusia! Manusia yang menentukan jalannya. Cuma ada dua jalan yang boleh dipilih, jalan iblis dan jalan tuhan.

Andai kewujudan Tuhan itu tidak diketahui manusia, maka tidaklah adil Tuhan untuk menghukum manusia yang tidak mengetahui tentangNya walau secara ghaib dan nyata.
Andai kewujudan Tuhan tidak disebarkan kepelusuk dunia, maka tidak boleh Tuhan menjatuhkan hukuman neraka bagi mereka yang engkar sujud padaNya.

Tetapi, andai kewujudan Tuhan sudah sampai ke pendengaran manusia diseluruh dunia, maka manusia tidak mempercayaiNya lalu menghinaNya, sudah pasti itu adalah tanda-tanda besar dunia akan kiamat dengan segala Kebesaran dan KedaulatanNya.
Mudah bagi Tuhan untuk menjatuhkan hukuman tanpa perbicaraan dan tiada ikat jamin akan dibenarkan dari mana-mana rasul yang mempunyai rekod kalian walau setinggi mana lesen syafaat yang dimiliki oleh rasul-rasul tersebut. Bukankah keputusan Hakim dimahkamah kerajaan langit itu milik Tuhan?

Tuhan bisa menjadikan manusia yang bijak dan hidup dizaman moden untuk menyalin (“copy cat”) semula sejarah zaman jahiliah dengan meniru sistem pemerintahan yang zalim , penuh dengan permainan politik, rasuah , ganas, berbunuh-bunuhan dan bermegah-megahan dengan kekuatan mereka dengan menzalimi kaum yang membawa kebenaran tanpa disedari dan tidak terfikir. Mereka merasakan seakan bodoh untuk mempercayai hal-hal karut dan berita yang tidak dapat diterima oleh akal fikir lantas, hati mereka pantas membuat keputusan muktamad untuk tidak mengkaji dan memikirkannya, maka demi masa sesungguhnya merekalah manusia yang benar-benar sesat dan hidup dalam kerugian!


Pernahkah kalian mendengar tentang undang-undang kehakiman nyawa manusia?Atau kalian tidak percaya adanya pengiraan pembalasan di kerajaan langit?
Ada suara berkata, “ Memanglah ada pembalasan, tetapi untuk orang Islam , walau sejahat manapun mereka tetap akan masuk syurga akhirnya”. Ada pula suara berkata, “ sesiapa yang percayakan Isa al –maseh, maka mereka tetap akan masuk syurga Bapa”.

Bagaimana dengan undang-undang kehakiman Tuhan di arasy? Tiada siapakah yang bisa mengetahui bagaimana ia dilaksanakan? Adakah hanya dengan berpegang kepada agama tertentu, maka terhapus segala dosa yang telah direkod kan? Atau pembalasan neraka diberi kemudian diangkat semula setelah cuci segala dosa dan meletakkan semula di syurga?

Cerita-cerita al-kitab nabi terdahulu tidak menyebut soal kehakiman dan undang-undang Tuhan secara terperinci. Malah tiada rasul manapun yang mampu menyingkap perihal rahsia undang-undang Tuhan kerana mereka hanya memiliki keistimewaan darjat nabi dan rasul yang hanya mengetahui rahsia amalan dan jalan untuk menemui Tuhan tetapi tidak belajar untuk menjatuhkan hukuman atau bagaimana untuk menjalani sesi perbicaraan kes keatas roh manusia yang mempunyai rekod amalan.

Bagaimana pula manusia yang tiada rekod amalan? Dimanakah mereka ini berada setelah mati? Ada suara berkata, “ semua roh akan berada di alam barzakh menunggu hari pembalasan”.Ada pula suara berkata, “ semua roh yang baik akan naik terus ke syurga dan yang jahat akan ke neraka”.

Adakah manusia sahaja yang mempunyai undang-undang mahkamah dengan begitu sistematik dan teratur dibumi tetapi tidak pernah terfikir bagaimana Tuhan melaksanakan perbicaraan kes keatas roh manusia di kerajaan langit?
Atau Tuhan tidak mampu untuk mengadakan undang-undang yang lebih canggih dari manusia dibumi? Adakah kes perbicaraan rekod amalan manusia itu cukup dengan soal siasat dari mungkar dan nangkir atau dari malaikat sahaja?

Lantas, aku rasa terpanggil untuk menyingkap rahsia ini yang aku perolehi dari amalan dan petunjuk aku dengan didikan dan tunjuk ajar yang penuh kasih sayang dari seorang pemimpin yang aku segani didunia, Ayah Pin.


Roh manusia ini akan di bahagikan kepada tiga golongan. Satu, roh jahat yang akan kembali kepada kerajaan iblis , kedua roh yang mempunyai rekod amalan untuk dihitung dan dihadap ke mahkamah Tuhan dan ketiga roh yang tidak dapat kembali kepada kerajaan langit .

Kalian jarang mendengar ilmu sebegini? Atau ilmu ini tidak pernah tertulis didalam kitab? Sememangnya berita ini ada disebut didalam kitab-kitab tetapi tidak diperincikan.
Ramai manusia yang masih hidup dan yang telah mati, tidak memiliki kerakyatan kerajaan langit. Adakah mereka ini akan dihitung kesalahan dan kebaikan?

Apakah mereka ini akan selama-lamanya tidak dapat kembali kepada Tuhan?
Siapakah yang akan menyelamatkan dan menyediakan kerakyatan bagi mereka ini?
Andai mereka sempat mengenali roh sendiri dan tempat yang bakal dihantar kelak, nescaya mereka akan beramal dan memohon kepada kuasa yang dapat menjamin roh kembali kepada kerajaan langit.

Adakah kalian pasti sudah punya rekod amalan sendiri? Bila pula rekod amalan kalian akan dihitung ? Atau ia tidak akan dibuka sehingga hari pembalasan?
Dapatkah kalian mengetahui status rekod amalan sendiri? Dapatkah manusia itu kehilangan rekod amalan atau rekod amalan mereka dibekukan? Adakah ini tidak masuk akal logik kalian? Apakah Tuhan itu tidak mampu melaksanakan sistem perundanganNya yang diluar jangkaan manusia?.

Dapatkah manusia itu “appeal” laporan kesalahan yang dikenakan keatas mereka kepada mahkamah Tuhan? Bagaimana kesalahan ini dibicarakan? Siapakah yang menjadi pendakwaraya dan siapakah yang menjadi peguambela ?

Dimana letaknya syurga dan neraka? Manusia yang cintakan Tuhannya tidak akan mengira-ngira destinasinya dan tidak akan menghala segala amalannya untuk pembalasan syurga semata-mata. Manusia seperti kalian adalah manusia yang hidup dalam kerugian, kecuali mereka yang beramal soleh dan yang beriman.

Andai manusia tahu apa yang akan berlaku selepas mati, nescaya manusia tidak akan sombong dan bongkak dengan kekuasaan didunia yang bersifat sementara. Sudah pasti mereka akan berusaha untuk mengenali diri sendiri untuk mengenali Tuhan yang Maha Adil.

Manusia zaman moden ini rupanya takut dengan ilmu baru yang disebarkan, takutkan “syirik” jika mempercayai dan takutkan “terpesong” dari ajaran nenek moyang yang sebenar. Perkataan “takut” bagi manusia cerdik yang hidup dizaman sains dan teknologi tidak ubah seperti “takut” yan dirasai oleh manusia dizaman jahiliah dan zaman firaun dahulu.
Malah perangai manusia tidak akan berubah sehingga ke akhir zaman walau berabad lamanya manusia hidup dibumi, masih tetap ada “takut”dan “tidak percaya” seperti dahulu. Walau dalam soal lain, mereka “berani” tetapi dalam soal kepercayaan hanya segelintir manusia yang “berani” percaya kerana benar.

Apakah Tuhan itu tidak punya sistem perundangan yang mengambil kira semua kaum dan kepercayaan manusia? Adakah Tuhan itu cuma ada pembalasan neraka bagi yang engkar kepada agama Islam atau Kristian?
Apakah Tuhan itu yang melakukan semua pekerjaan termasuk menghitung amalan setiap manusia? Apakah Tuhan itu bersendirian di kerajaan langit?
Ada suara berkata, “ Ya, Tuhan itu Maha Berkuasa dan Dia Maha menjadikan segala sesuatu”. Bagaimana Tuhan itu berkuasa? Bukankah “kuasa” itu ada pangkat dan darjatnya? Bukankah “pangkat” itu mengesahkan kuasa dan statutory?
Maka, “pangkat” apakah yang Tuhan sandang untuk melaksanakan “kuasa” perundangan dan kehakiman?
Adakah manusia sahaja yang punya “pangkat” dan “kuasa” untuk melaksanakan tugas-tugas seperti guru, polisi, pendakwaraya, hakim dan perdana menteri? Bagaimana pula adanya pangkat dan kuasa di kerajaan langit? Adakah kerajaan bumi lebih teratur dari kerajaan langit?


Sistem pelajaran dunia adalah mengikut tahap dan peringkat. Bagi setiap tahap yang lulus akan dianugerahkan sijil kelulusan dengan cop rasmi jabatan. Ketinggian tahap pelajaran mencerminkan kelebihan kita untuk bertugas dimana-mana pejabat kerajaan atau syarikat swasta. Bukankah “method” ini sangat teratur untuk orang bumi mengikutinya? Apakah nabi dan rasul tidak melalui method yang sama sebelum dilantik bertugas dikerajaan Tuhan?

Ada suara berkata,”Isa al-maseh sudah dilantik menjadi utusan Tuhan sejak dari lahir”. Apakah Isa al-maseh tidak diajar oleh guru yang bertauliah untuk mengetahui hal-hal ghaib dan kerajaan Tuhan? Apakah dia terus sahaja mengetahui segala sesuatu tanpa mempelajarinya? Atau dia terus menjadi lantikan Tuhan tanpa diluluskan oleh kerajaan Tuhan sendiri?

Apa bezanya jika Tuhan sendiri yang turun memerintah bumi? Adakah Dia juga terpaksa melalui method kelulusan yang sama? Bagaimana mungkin Dia menurunkan darjatnya menjadi manusia dan biar dihina oleh manusia ciptaanNya sendiri?
Adakah semua ini tak mungkin berlaku? Dimana letaknya keadilan kepada manusia akhir zaman andai tiada pemimipin yang dilantik untuk membimbing manusia yang sudah berabad lama tersesat? Cukupkah kita menjalani pegangan agama dengan sekadar membaca kitab-kitab yang ditulis 2000 tahun dahulu?

Mampukah manusia akhir zaman ini memperolehi ketinggian tahap pelajaran dikerajaan Tuhan melebihi segala rasul yang ada? Sedangkan manusia akhir zaman mampu mencipta alatan canggih melebihi kepandaian manusia zaman dahulu?
Mengikut sejarah pun, setiap rasul Tuhan yang terpilih menduduki pangkat yang lebih tinggi dari abad ke abad yang baru. Malah ilmu yang dibawanya lebih sempurna dari abad ke abad yang baru.

Andai manusia bumi bisa mempunyai sistem kabinet kerajaan dan kerusi-kerusi yang diduduki oleh orang-orang penting kerajaan, masakan kerajaan langit tidak bisa mempunyai sistem kabinet yang lebih sempurna?
Bagaimana kerusi-kerusi dikabinet kita diduduki oleh orang-orang penting hasil dari “vote” yang dimenanginya ketika bertanding, demikianlah yang berlaku di kabinet kerajaan langit dimana kerusi-kerusinya telah disandang oleh pemimpin penting yang telah memenangi “vote” kerajaan Tuhan ketika bertanding.

Adakah semua ini tidak masuk akal kalian? Bukankah Kerajaan Tuhan itu terdiri dari Tuhan, Rasul, Nabi dan Malaikat? Dimanakah mereka semua? Adakah mereka ini bersenang-senang disyurga dan membiarkan Tuhan menjaga langit dan bumi sendirian?

Ingin aku sampaikan satu cerita. Andai kamu mencipta sebuah negeri yang baru, maka kamulah raja dan panglima yang akan menjaga negeri tersebut.
Andai negeri kamu membangun dan mahsyur, maka kamu akan melantik panglima-panglima yang berkelayakan untuk menjaga negeri tersebut. Atau adakah kamu akan menjaga dan menghitung rakyat dengan sendirian tanpa ada sistem pemerintahan yang sempurna? Atau adakah kamu akan menyimpan panglima-panglima yang telah dikurniakan pangkat dan kebesaran didalam “waiting list” sehingga saat kamu menghitung hari terakhir zaman pemeritahanmu?
Nescaya kamu adalah raja yang bodoh!. Tuhan itu tidak akan menyimpan segala nabi dan rasul didalam “waiting list” sehingga menunggu hari pembalasan, malah Dia akan menggunakan mereka ini sebagai petugas-petugasNya yang turun naik bumi untuk memberi petunjuk dan ujian kepada manusia.

Maka, pernahkah kamu kenali petugas-petugas Tuhan ini dalam sembahyangmu, wiridmu dan kehidupanmu seharian? Bukankah mereka ini petugas yang bertugas siang dan malam, masakan kamu tidak ambil endah akan perkara penting sebegini?
Apakah tujuan kamu hidup didunia? Untuk mencari jalan pulang kepada kerajaan Tuhan atau mencari jalan mudah dalam hidup dengan berpandukan kitab-kitab yand disajikan manusia zaman dahulu?

Lantas, ramai manusia bumi, rohnya tidak dapat pulang ke langit. Bagaimana mahu pulang ke langit sedangkan langit itu milik kerajaan Tuhan? Jadi, apakah yang kalian tahu tentang kerakyatan kerajaan langit?
Adakah nabi dan rasul kalian ada menyebut tentang kerakyatan kerajaan Tuhan?
Ada suara berkata, “ Jika kami umat Muhammad, maka kami secara automatis menjadi rakyat kerajaan Tuhan” dan ada suara berkata , “ Jika kami mempercayai anak Tuhan, maka kami automatis menjadi anak –anak Bapa”.

Begitu mudah? Bagaimana mudahnya kamu yang berpindah ke Amerika dan memohon kad kerakyatan Amerika?
Ya, mohon kad hijau , isi maklumat dan hantar permohonan.
Begitu juga dengan kerajaan langit. Andai tiada permohonan dibuat semasa hidup kalian, nescaya tiada sesiapa pun di kerajaan langit yang akan mengeluarkan kad kerakyatan untuk kalian pulang ke kerajaan langit bila nyawa bercerai badan.
Bagaimana Muhamad bisa keluarkan kad kerakyatan sedangkan kerajaan langit itu milik Tuhan sepenuhnya dan bukan milik Rasul? Bagaimana pula Isa dapat mengesahkan kerakyatan kalian apabila borang permohonan tidak pernah diterimanya? Kepercayaan terhadap Isa atau Muhamad tidak akan membawa apa-apa erti tanpa kamu mengenali mereka secara peribadi dan nyata dan tidak dengan cerita-cerita kitab, umpama kata pepatah, kenal “nama” sahaja tetapi tidak kenal “tuannya”.

Tinggallah roh bergelimpangan di bumi, diantaranya dihantarnya roh ke bukit-bukit dan sungai. Ada yang menjadi wali dunia bagi roh yang baik dan ada juga yang menjadi iblis bagi roh yang jahat.
Tidak pernahkah kalian mendengar ilmu yang sebegini? Kalian punya hak untuk mendengar ilmu yang aku sampaikan dan aku tidak akan keluarkan cerita sesat untuk menghasut kalian, tetapi aku simpati kerana ramai manusia jahil merasakan dirinya alim tetapi kosong dari segi ilmu dan amalan ghaib.


Umur ku masih muda, belum mencecah 30-an. Tapi ilmuku yang ada ini sudah cukup untuk aku kenali siapa diriku dan siapa Tuhanku.

Aku disini bukan untuk mengancam agama kalian, malah aku ingin menyatukan kalian semua kepada satu jalan yang sangat lurus dan suci. Aku punya peranan sebagai penyampai berita baik dan buruk dari kerajaan langit. Walau apapun keistimewaan aku, itu tidak menjadi persoalan. Tapi apa yang aku catatkan disini tidak langsung ada kaitan dengan arahan Ayah Pin.
Apa pun tohmahan dan fitnah yang dilemparkan kepada Ayah Pin, pastinya sudah dia rasai sejak 20 tahun yang lalu. Ayah Pin sudah lama menyembunyikan dirinya yang sebenar. Wataknya dan hobinya agak mengelirukan manusia semua. Ini ujian bagi hati manusia yang cuba menelusi dirinya. Tiada siapa yang lebih mengenalinya melainkan mereka yang mempunyai hubungan rapat dengannya. Beliau tidak menganggap dirinya perlu memihak kepada mana-mana agama walau diatas kad pengenalannya tertulis melayu dan Islam. Bagaimana boleh beliau keluar Islam dan murtad? Siapakah yang menurunkan hukuman murtad dan kafir? Adakah hukuman itu dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Agama Islam atau Majlis Raja-raja? Atau Muhamad ? Bukankah hukuman kafir dan sesat itu hanya terletak ditangan Tuhan?

Yang pasti, Ayah Pin tidak mahu dirinya dikaitkan dengan mana-mana agama yang telah dibawa oleh para nabi dan rasul terdahulu. Yang pastinya beliau bukan ditugaskan untuk mengembangkan agama. Yang pastinya, beliau ini bertugas menyatukan semua agama di bawah naungan satu payung yang Maha Besar, Tuhan semesta alam.
Yang pastinya, beliau hanya membawa rahsia dan perkhabaran dunia ghaib dan perundangan Tuhan serta hak asasi roh manusia yang hidup kekal tiada mati untuk kita renungi dan rasai. Beliau seorang yang cerdik lagi bijaksana. Ilmunya tiada tolok banding walau puas aku menilai ilmu yang dibawa oleh tokoh-tokoh agama dunia yang lain.

Mungkinkah sejarah Tuhan sedang berulang semula? Kalau benar Tuhan pasti turun memerintah bumi, adakah Dia akan memilih diriNya dari kaum yang mempunyai sejarah agama atau kaum yang tidak mempunyai sejarah agama ?
Mungkinkah Dia memlih diriNya dari kaum yang semakin lenyap dan porak poranda seperti bangsa Arab dan Israel?. Atau Dia akan memilih kaum yang termuda seperti kaum melayu?
Segala kemungkinan bisa terjawab andai kalian punya petunjuk dari Tuhan yang Maha Esa.
Sekian aku sudahi. Semoga Tuhan sekelian alam melindungi kami semua. AMIN…

Monday, August 08, 2005


Malaysia: Respect Rights of Religious Community

(New York, August 4, 2005)—In its persecution of the Sky Kingdom, the Malaysian government is now denying members of the religious community basic due process rights, Human Rights Watch said today.
Sky Kingdom members who will appear today before a Shariah court in Terrengganu province on charges of practicing a “deviant religion” do not have legal defense counsel or the opportunity to prepare a defense. On July 31, government officials violated a court order by demolishing the community’s religious structures. Forty-nine members of the Sky Kingdom are charged with violating Islamic precepts under section 10 of Malaysia’s Shariah Criminal Offenses Enactment 2001. If convicted, they could be fined and jailed up to two years. “The Malaysian government is targeting this religious community simply for their beliefs,” said Sam Zarifi, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The government is violating international standards by destroying the Sky Kingdom’s religious structures and now threatening to throw the members in jail without a fair trial.” Lawyers from Terrengganu province who are accredited to appear in Shariah (Islamic law) courts have refused to represent Sky Kingdom members. At least some of them have expressed fears of reprisal from religious extremists or loss of their accreditation.

A Shariah lawyer from Selangor, appointed by the Malaysian Bar Council, will inform the Shariah court on August 4 that the Sky Kingdom defendants have no legal representation. Malaysia’s federal constitution recognizes three parallel court systems—civil, shariah, and, in the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak, native courts. Shariah is a state matter under the Federal Constitution. Shariah courts have jurisdiction over persons professing the religion of Islam in matters of personal and family law, including offenses such as apostasy, blasphemy and heresy. “Due process rights cannot be selectively enforced. The Terengganu Shariah court must enforce the right to a fair trial enshrined international law,” Zarifi said. “The right to counsel to prepare a defense in a penal proceeding is an integral component of a fair trial and a fundamental mandate of international human rights law.” The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that “[e]veryone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.”

Legal representation is an essential component of defense for anyone facing penal sanctions, including those under shariah law. The Sky Kingdom was founded by Ayah Pin (whose real name is Ariffin Muhammad), who claims to be the reincarnation of the holy figures of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.
The community was one of 22 declared as “deviant sects of Islam” by the Malaysian government last month. On July 31, officials from the land office, state religious affairs department, and the police began demolishing religious structures—including a giant teapot and an umbrella-shaped building—at the Sky Kingdom compound in Terangganu. The destruction commenced despite a ruling staying the demolition by the Kuala Terengganu High Court on June 21. On July 18, a mob composed of 30 to 35 individuals, who were masked and dressed in robes, launched a pre-dawn attack on the Sky Kingdom. The mob reportedly tossed Molotov cocktails, slashed car tires with machetes, broke the windows of several homes, and partially scorched religious structures.
Malaysian police have failed to arrest anyone involved in the attack. Instead, 58 members of the religious group, including 30 women and five children, were arrested on July 20 by the state religious affairs department and the local police.


1 August 2005

I began this as an protest against the media in my own country, however now wish to get this report into as many hands as possible, in an effort to solicit some help.

As a New Zealander, having been, along with fifty-seven others, the innocent victim of a truly horrifying Jihad attack, (18th July 2005) then unlawfully arrested by the JHEAT Islamic reform police, incarcerated in a cell in conditions most people would not subject their dog to, on learning of the slant taken by certain persons in the media of my own country, New Zealand, I was not just shocked, but extremely angry and ashamed.
Completely ignorant of the real facts of the story and totally oblivious to a reality that has deeply serious implications, not just to Malaysia itself, but also to the world at large, the journalist/s responsible for their coverage, namely the Auckland Dominion, deserve to lose their jobs.
It is this same schoolyard mentality of finger-pointing judgementalism, so prevalent in amateur reporting, which can result, as in this case, in the less desirable members of society (those hotheads who love to hate), feeling justified to take the law into their own hands and persecute, by extremely violent means, the more innocent members of society.
This is the case in which I was involved in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia.

Naming, (because others had), a meditation retreat open to all comers, a deviate sect, and emphasizing one of its features, a teapot, (which, if in the world of art, might equally have been applauded for its originally of thought and beauty of structure) was a deliberate attempt to belittle, in the eyes of the public, both the retreat itself and the extremely courageous man who had it built – the man known as Ayah Pin.
I say courageous, because anyone born into an area devoutly Islam, who denounces his faith for its extreme practice, for its violation of human rights is very brave indeed. It was those same Islamic extremists in Terengganu who began the vendetta against Ayah Pin (and those who respect his stand), who first dubbed Ayah Pin as a deviate, his meditation retreat as a deviate sect. It is ignorant and uniformed members of the media in other countries who by perpetuating such nonsense, and carry on these misconceptions and persecution even further afield.
The reality of Ayah Pin (as with all great advocates and effective champions for human rights, freedom and peace – take Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Brother Yun of China for example, who through years of meditation and in Ayah Pin’s case, fasting), felt compelled to make a stand against those who oppress. The ignorant persecuted them too – remember?
Ayah, dubbed the deviate, actually protests the deviations in Islam; the differing interpretation of Jihad giving rise to fanaticism and hence, at its worst, the proliferation of terrorism, and protests also the general state of Islam itself, (not to mention the state of the world at large), today.
As a Christian converted to Islam, as required by Indonesian law – (not, I might add according to the law of Mohammad) on marrying an Islamic Indonesian citizen (as I stated in both a police report and a JHEAT police report on the day after our incarceration), and having spent 7 years in two countries predominantly Islam, thoroughly sickened by the corruption in higher echelons of power, by exploitation, sexual harassment, and a predominantly self-serving attitude amongst those proclaiming to be Islam, thoroughly agree with Ayah Pin. I had in fact gone to his retreat, quite exhausted by such treatment to find respite and, to find, through meditation, inspiration for my music.

At Ayah’s retreat, so carelessly dubbed by my fellow countryman as a teapot sect, I experienced none of the above, felt totally welcomed and utterly at peace, until the first physical sign of the vendetta against Ayah, and his followers; the arrest on in early July, without warrants, of 21 of my new friends, released several hours later on extortionist bale. Their crime? They were found to be in possession of videos taken of a trip Ayah made to Bali (in 2003) where he spoke and was consequently honored by leaders of both the Hindu and Christian faiths.
Ayah Pin does not convert. He has often stated, God sent each soul to the circumstances best suited for each individual’s development and he asks his followers to utilize the precepts laid down in the original texts. Ayah welcomes practitioners of all the faiths, even those without to pray and seek god on an individual basis. The Quran states, God honours highly the Islam who opens his heart to the stranger, so why is Ayah Pin condemned for ‘fraternizing” with those of other denominations?
Then came 18th July 4.30am. Often I meditated in these early hours, especially if the sky was clear and the moon new or full, because it is so still then and so beautiful. Previously, however, round midnight this night, we were summoned to learn that a large crowd was expected to come and protest the following day. At the brief meeting we were exhorted to stay calm and preferably to remain in our rooms.
Friends had given me a room, free of charge. (NB No one is charged to attend this retreat). My private room was at the back. It has wooden walls and shuttered windows. A sound of shattering glass jolted me awake. Then came huge explosions, one after the other, more glass shattering and a roaring of flames. I lay in the dark my heart pounding uncontrollably. What were we to do? Stay inside until the violence reached our doors, until our own refuges were engulfed in flames?
I dressed rapidly and opened my door. I could see nothing, just hear the sound of people running, more explosions, some frantic calling. At some stage I shoved clothes, my tapes, cassettes and songs I had written into suitcase and stashed them in the concrete mandi (shower and toilet room) along with my guitar.

Eventually two sisters (both English speaking) came and called me. ‘They’re burning everything.’ ‘Oh god, they’re destroying our place, Ayah’s Pajero, everything,’ I asked if anyone had called the police. The answer chilled me. ‘They’ve cut our telephone cables!’ Batu 13, situated in a basin in a remote area, has no facilities for hand phones. We were completely cut off, under a violent attack with no access to help.
On reaching the terrace in front of the retreat’s Assembly hall, I was confronted with a scene that might have been depicted in a horror movie. Ayah’s Pajero, (bought for him by those who respect him and his otherwise Spartan life-style) was continuously exploding, flames shooting high into the sky. There were flames and black smoke pouring too, from burning tires placed at every doorway and wooden structure on the site. In the light, I could see shards of broken glass, smashed concrete posts aligning the walkways, blacked structures, shattered pots and uprooted and broken plants.
Mercifully the culprits had fled. Someone had made a dash through the forest to the nearest phone and called the police and fire brigade. They arrived too late; too late to prevent the damage, too late to apprehend the culprits.

And who were these people who came under cover of darkness, dressed in long flowing white robes, hoods and Islamic turbans to firebomb, desecrate and destroy? The same mob who, welding parangs (short handled, heavy, long-bladed, 35 –40cm), knives used to cut coconuts or slaughter cows and/or buffalo for ceremonial occasions, threatened to kill anyone who stepped outside, the same mob who smashed in windows where women and children crouched in terror for their lives.
They are the same extremists who first condemned Ayah Pin for being a danger to Islam.
They are the same extremists who, supported by a corrupt media, more interested in sensationalist journalism, in appealing to a seemingly massive section of the public who love to condemn that which they know nothing about, easily influenced people, who ultimately give license, even are swayed join in, in terrorist activity. I am utterly ashamed this same mentality has so obviously invaded the media in my own country, New Zealand, a country professing to honor individualists.
Such irresponsible brainwashing of the public, here in Malaysia has had disastrous consequences. The police, many, not just in Malaysia, but in many parts of Asia, enjoy their role of intimidators, (I’ve seen it too often), and the Government, in its relentless pursuit of public support has been sucked in by this deliberate attempt to sway public opinion.

To protect innocent citizens from future attacks (there are apparently several other targets), were the culprits of this violation hunted down, rounded up and locked away? No. Instead, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, two days after the attack, 60 of the victims, including infants and the aged and frail, with no elaboration as to our fate, no time to gather even the barest of essentials were herded into buses, delivered to a detention centre, interrogated and locked into cells, so tiny there was not enough room to lie down, even on the bare and damp concrete below the few wooden benches provided for ‘sleep’.

Bones aching in the morning, I requested exercise. This was refused. We had one squat toilet and one shower. The drain was blocked. Water splashing from the bucketed method of cleansing after toileting was carried together with collected shower water into the area where some of us were forced to attempt sleep, where the toddlers played. I had diahorrea and requested soap. This too was refused. When I complained this was below world standards concerning the rights of detainees and of human rights, the reply came, ‘we are not the police.’- more evidence these self-styled Islamic Reformists, like terrorists themselves, consider themselves unaccountable to any laws concerning the rights and dignity of mankind.

Another note of considerable interest and consequently misreported in New Zealand, was that during the court hearing the following afternoon, I the only one freed, had changed my statement, claiming I was a Christian, and not Islam. This was in no way true.
The JHEAT Reformist court, concerned my presence as a foreigner was attracting outside interest to their very questionable system of justice, and eager to be rid of me, gave me another chance. They said at the hearing; ‘You said in your statements you were Islam, and that you had been a Christian. Are you in fact Islam or Christian?

Extremely cautious not to lie, I stated only this, ‘Deep in my heart I am still a Christian.’ With no consideration as to the repercussions of the finding, the judge said, ‘this court has decided you are a Christian and you are free to go.’
Immediately it struck me, they had in their haste, perverted the law simply to be rid of me. Despising, all forms of injustice and corruption, I raise these questions:
If my freedom was secured over a matter of the heart, then why, were the others not freed on the same grounds? If they (also Islam by law) are still to face charges for being in breach of Islamic law, then why am I not there alongside them?
Unnerved by another alarming incident, the day after my release, (I shall describe later) and finding both my Internet and hand phone blocked from sending, (spy ware installed warnings popping up on my screen) on my return to Kuala Lumpur, I approached a lawyer whose premises were close to my hotel.
A member of Malaysia’s most renowned family of lawyers, Ramkarpal Singh, of Karpal Singh & Co Advocates and Solicitors, KL, so interested in my case he gave me an hour of his time free of charge, expressed very real surprise at the JHEAT court’s decision – ‘a precedent,’ he said, ‘it is extremely difficult to change out of Islam.’ One needs to make special application to be an apostate and even then, the applicants are often jailed or fined (as proven by the jailing three such applicants, - Ayah Pin and two of his elderly followers - two years ago).

He also considered the court’s ruling had put me in danger. I told him of my marriage and life in West Sumatra, another of the more fundamentalist regions (along with Aceh) in Indonesia. ‘Now it has been reported you claim yourself to be a Christian’ (in spite of the law) ‘I don’t think it would be safe to go there,’ he said.

The incident I mentioned, above, is as follows. The day of my release, I had been back to Batu 13 to gather my gear and do some tidying for friends. On coming out, I found the village completely deserted. A stray Chinese reporter asked what I was doing there, saying ‘the police came half an hour ago and warned if anyone was found on the premises within ten minutes, they would be arrested.’
He gave me a lift to the bus terminal and I headed out of state. The following day, I returned, with a cameraman from another paper (the English Star) to Jerteh, (Terengganu) with supplies for my deprived friends. On the journey, increasing concern as to the sense of my return to such a hotspot, I asked the cameraman to deliver the articles and I would find my own way – out!
I asked to be dropped at a roadside restaurant. The wife of the owner knew me (my photo had been in all the papers) and was very friendly, suggesting I rest up there for a few days. Then her husband arrived. A big powerful looking man dressed in white with a topi haj (The white skull cap used by Moslems who have visited Mecca), joined me at my table. First he used his hand phone and made several calls, speaking rapidly in Malayu. We talked briefly and then several men in plain clothes, began arriving. As he excused himself to greet them, he reached into his pocket and produced a large bundle of money, which he handed out to the newcomers.
‘These are our friends, the police,’ his wife proudly told me, often here. Her husband came back to my table and asked me where I was going now. I told him, ‘home where it is safe’ I elaborated, ‘As long as the police in this country jail victims of a terrorist attack and continue to hunt down Ayah Pin and his supporters, the victims of such an attack and not the criminals, I don’t feel safe here.’
He stared at me steadily, ‘They were not criminals,’ he said, ‘this was Jihad and this is what we do to the likes of Ayah Pin and his followers.’ He looked me dead in the eye, his eyes hard as stone, then ran his finger across his throat. Sickened I muttered a few protests, commended him on his restaurant, made my way to the toilet then begged a ride from a coke-cola delivery van and, by back-tracking, finally escaped by bus.

All my communication systems down, I remained at my hotel in Kuala Lumpur until I could make arrangements to leave. However this too grew decidedly unpleasant as I seemed to be tailed by a man dressed in the skullcap and sporting a long narrow beard – a man of unknown origin. He remained in the hotel foyer, watching my every move, forestalling my attempts to use the hotel phone whilst making clandestine phone calls on his hand phone. Twice when I left, he called again and followed me – twice I went to the Chinese restaurant opposite and waited until he drifted away. Later a friend who works on the same street informed me he has seen this same man talking to two newcomers to the area, he thought Pakistani, in a secretive manner. ‘I got a very unpleasant feeling,’ he said. I think both these men should be investigated.

Receiving calls only, I was contacted and asked by a long-standing friend and supporter of Ayah’s to be one of the spokespersons at a media conference with members from NGO to be attended by media staff - the press and television, to be held at the Suhakam Centre (Malaysian Human Rights Commission) a few days later. I agreed.
Asked to be the first to speak, I covered, although more briefly, much of what I have reported here, soundly condemning the case against us as both a travesty of justice and serious violation of human rights.
Although all the speeches were filmed and recorded, none of what was said received any media coverage, just full screen views of the four of us presenting our memorandum, insuring we are even more widely known, and easily recognizable to those who consider us enemies to Islam and worthy of Jihad justice.
Thank-you, staff of the Dominion who have, (as has the press in Malaysia), in total ignorance of the facts joined the ranks of those who would belittle a courageous man who had devoted his entire life to work for peace and harmony amongst all religions, to work towards creating a safer world, by doing his utmost to forestall the spread of terrorism. I repeat again, such is the power of the media over the unthinking masses, by acting with such gross irresponsibility, as they have in this case, they must be held, (at least in part), culpable for the ever-growing confidence (and consequential escalating violence) metered out by those posing the greatest risk not only to the lives of individuals, but to the free world.
What a coupe, should terrorists increase their foothold in Malaysia – so close to Singapore, so close to several other major financial and cosmopolitan capitals. Money has become most people’s God. This is especially true of Indonesia and Malaysia, both predominantly Islam, the masses, so under the sway of their leader’s misplaced interpretation of Mohammad’s law as to be virtually lawless, so cowered by decades of corruption and oppression they have lost their voice. The police force is corrupted, many easily bribed by even small sums of money. Many extremists are exceedingly rich, and in a position to bribe. Those from Pakistan and Central Arabian states, are welcome here.
Malaysia is considered one of the three most technologically advanced countries in the world. Their communication system (and ability to discommunicate or miscommunicate should it be deemed expedient especially within the echelons of power), is awesome, and the media, controlled by an Islamic Government, sensationalist and irresponsible, well known in all but a few cases (the non Muslim editors and reporter) to squash anything protesting Government or Islam actions, and for their deliberate lying and/or distortion of the facts.
I am certainly not alone in feeling these matters are not just of worldwide concern, but must be immediately addressed. As I write this, I have just had word that the holy structures are being destroyed, it is unclear exactly by whom, and that all people of the media have been banned from entering the premises. Reports to indicate that unless Ayah Pin gives himself up, the entire village will be raised. I continue…

A good place to start would be to bring pressure to bear on the Malaysian Government to stop this witch hunt of Ayah Pin and his followers, to stop using these good people as scapegoats to further the extremists cause, requesting instead they hunt out and bring to trial the real criminals, making a example instead, of those already involved in terrorist activities in this country. Those innocents, still awaiting trial, must not be found guilty, must be pardoned. Ayah Pin must also be pardoned by the powers that be in Malaysia and actively supported for his stand for unification and peace, by all countries apposed to terrorism.
My own case is nothing compared to what is at stake here, although being depicted as a liar and coward in front of family, friends and fellow citizens, and having my life and marriage in Indonesia put in jeopardy) is a case in itself meriting legal action, this is not my point. I hope my real point is taken. This seemingly small miscarriage of justice is in fact of utmost importance, and expedient worldwide condemnation.
I am just a farmer’s daughter, a grandmother who was using a once peaceful and beautiful meditation centre in the countryside of Malaysia in which to deepen my spiritual commitment, to find some peace of mind after a torrid seven year sojourn, (including a near death experience in neighboring Indonesia), and to find some extra inspiration for my song-writing – songs to make with the band of street boys I sponsor in my small music production studio in West Sumatra. I only have music and a little literacy. I can’t do much. Therefore, I am sending this out to who-ever will listen as this case needs to be in the hands of important people, people empowered to act!
In closing, I wish to state that I am of sane mind, I have written this report with genuine concern and without malice, and swear by Almighty God, everything I have written is the truth.

Demolishing of Sky Kingdom -Photos taken

Photos of Sky Kingdom

BBC and news film maker

Land District Office came to observe

N.Zealander writers

The Edge team interviewed Ayah Pin

Sky Kingdom followers and Unique Teapot

Ayah Pin in robes

Tok Kakau- Orang Asli wearing Ayah Pin's red hat.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gov must oppose extremism

Ayah Pin commune: gov’t must oppose extremism
Lilian Tan Jul 21, 05 1:35pm

One would think that our government would have learnt a thing or two by now about image building. Rule No.1: You don't say something and then contradict yourself by doing just the exact opposite. By doing so, you cancel out whatever credibility you have and it's harder for anyone to trust you or take you seriously afterwards. Which is exactly what has happened with this Ayah Pin scenario.

Since Sept 11, Malaysia has seized every opportunity to portray itself to the world as a tolerant, modern Islamic nation. Unfortunately, action speaks louder than words. The harassment of Ayah Pin and his flock and the tacit condoning of violence perpetrated against this peaceful commune just goes to show the world that Malaysia is almost as repressive as some of the scarier Islamic nations around the world. It shows that the Malaysian government is a two-faced government which clamors for good press and yet does not have the guts to stand up to the country's extremist opinion leaders who want to promote Islam at the expense of other people's rights and liberties.
Seriously, you cannot have your cake and eat it, fellas. Nobody is dumb as to be fooled by such blatant doublespeak. As sure as you can't keep saying that this country gives everyone the freedom of religion and then charge Malays who renounce Islam.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Malaysia Muslims have NO way OUT

Malaysia's Muslims have 'no way out'
By Ioannis Gatsiounis

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia — In multiethnic Malaysia, where Islam is the official religion but freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution, the majority Malays are born Muslim and apostasy is all but impossible for them. Cases of aspiring apostates are handled by Shariah courts, rather than civil courts. According to the Koran, apostasy is grounds for death, and no Muslim should assist another out of the religion. So the appeals usually sit, and sit. Many would-be apostates don't live to see their conversion officially recognized. Some have been jailed. As one religious scholar put it, "In Malaysia, there's a way into Islam, but no way out."

The Rev. Kumar — not his real name — recalls the religious police rattling his front gate in the middle of the night. The warning was clear. "But I am not afraid," Mr. Kumar said. "My work is God's will and I have a worthy cause to fight for. [Malays] have a right to find Jesus." His evangelical church has 12 branches throughout Malaysia and 30 affiliates, and Mr. Kumar estimates that 100 Muslims are converting to Christianity every month in the country.

He said there has been a marked increase in interest in the past three years, since the September 11 attacks in the United States. A royal family and the daughter of a former prime minister are among his list of converts. Christian groups estimate that there are 30,000 Malay converts in the country. Some Muslim groups say the figure is much lower. However, nondenominational observers say most converts live in secrecy for fear of harassment from the government, family and fellow Malays. One Malay convert and former ustaza, a Muslim religious teacher, reports that she and her family are harassed regularly by the authorities. Because she is Malay, her son was born a Muslim and forced to adopt a Muslim name.
Some Muslim and non-Muslim leaders say the government could be doing more to improve dialogue and understanding among the faiths. It has, for instance, denied permits for several interfaith dialogues. And when Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" arrives here soon, only Christians will be able to view it. Non-Christians will be weeded out in the ticket line on the basis of their national ID cards, which states one's religion. Nora Murah, a legal officer with Sisters in Islam, says the decision contradicts the prophet Muhammad's teachings. "The prophet embraced diversity and inclusiveness," she said.